• Highlands Comedy Show
    Highlands Comedy Show
    Every Thursday at 7:30 Jon hosts The Highlands Comedy Show
  • Comedy Showcases at Goosetown Tavern
    Comedy Showcases at Goosetown Tavern
    Monthly Comedy Showcase at Goosetown Tavern on East Colfax in Denver, CO
  • Jon Wilkins Comedy
    Jon Wilkins Comedy
    Jon write comedy and marketing material and he'll read it too.

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Jon Wilkins grew up a middle class Jewish son of a car dealer in Baltimore, MD. He got into comedy a few years back after getting a divorce from his senior prom date and is the father of two wonderful kids.

Jon’s Comedy is described as intelligent with a hint of idiotic. Life is the canvas and the jokes are what happen every day. Economically and or occupationally Jon is described as an Overachieving Loser, defined in an article a few years back as someone working continually attempting to gain success and unfortunately only achieves more work.

Divorties Life - What Jon Does

I am a father but with some issues getting through life after divorce. As a native Baltimoron and current Denver resident Jon shares his career time between Stand Up Comedy, Voiceover Work, Book Narration. He was once a Marketer for various agencies as well as an independent contractor and now uses those powers to help promote Comedy Shows and get the word out about al the great ways to hear the silky smooth sounds of his narrator voice.

Also, Jon is involved in Dog Rescue so if you need a pup or want to help out he is someone to speak with.


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