About Jon Wilkins

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Book a Comedian Jon WilkinsJon Wilkins grew up a middle-class Jewish son of a car dealer in Baltimore, MD. He got into comedy a few years back after getting a divorce from his senior prom date and is the father of two wonderful kids.

Jon’s Comedy is described as intelligent with a hint of idiotic. Life is the canvas and the jokes are what happen every day. Economically and or occupationally Jon is described as an Overachieving Loser, defined in an article a few years back as someone working continually attempting to gain success and unfortunately only achieves more work.

Comedy is great in Denver and Jon has capitalized on a comedically underdeveloped area of town. Each week in the recently gentrified Denver Highlands Jon runs a successful Show at Hai Bar Below at Sushi Hai, The Highlands Comedy Show. The room is great for comedy and brings the best Denver-based comics as well as comedians traveling through.

Other Notable Fun

Jon is involved in the worlds of Dog Rescue and has been working with a few organizations to help promote their wonderful work. He has put together a few shows to help raise money for the cause and is one of the hosts of the spiritually released Comedy Kennel with fellow comedian Matt Wayman and Dog Rescue expert Jennifer Applehans.

Jon also likes to drive and talk about the radio, current events, music, and anything else that pops into his mind. CarJokester is a place for Jon to unload some brain clutter while promoting his weekly Highlands Comedy Show plus share a comedic clip of someone producing laughter at the show. 

My Biography

Jon Wilkins is a regular guy in his Divorties with regular problems. He is not a role model for anyone and has no idea what the hell he is doing outside of pursuing a Comedy career. His dream of eating sushi and telling jokes is a reality every Thursday at the very successful Highlands Comedy Show, the best sushi comedy combination in the world. 

Jon is the host and emcee of the Highlands Comedy Show and the Final FridayFunnies at Illegal Pete’s in South Denver. For the past few years, Jon has been honing in on his hosting skills while accumulating material for up to a 30 minute set from PG to R-Rated Material.

You can see Jon all around the Denver area at open mics where he practices his material new and old.  He is constantly writing to stay fresh and-and there are several open mics you can find him working on his craft.

Jon has had the pleasure to compete in the Comedy Works New Faces contest and also performs at both the downtown and urban-suburban club in Greenwood Village, CO.  You can see him performing all around Denver and the Front Range with guest sets at Loonies Comedy Corner, Wits End Comedy Club (R.I.P), and The Down Under Comedy Club (R.I.P.).  Jon has told his silly jokes in Baltimore, MD, his home town, a good place to be from as well as a source of good material.


Jon welcomes the chance to get on stage any time because comedy makes his life more balanced. Many people complain and critique, and voice opinions and it is much better to entertain a crowd than annoy your friends or loved ones with your self-therapy. Jon is most satisfied when on a microphone wrangling together and audience to laugh at the comedy all around us. 

Other Notable Facts:

on has had many different jobs but none as satisfying as being a Comedian. The first job as a kid was for his father, a Buick Dealer in Baltimore and a very conservative fellow. Jon is actually a lot like his father and the main reason he never became a car salesman. He also worked a bit of retail and eventually became a marketing professional after graduating from the University of Maryland in the mid 90’s. 

Becoming a comedian was always a dream and did not become a reality until his divorce, often a cattiest to a comedy career. Becoming a father of two, losing a wife to disagreements, and a fairly unsuccessful career world will help anyone accumulate material and it’s a comics job to use the experience to make others laugh. Jon has gone through the standard ringer to create what is now a flourishing comedy career.