Jon is involved with Dog Rescue and can find you the best friend you’ve always been looking for without a lot of hassle. Find a dog is easy and finding people that want a dog is equally as simple. The problem is connecting them at the right time so Jon and Jenn have created, a place where you can find the dog of your dreams and save a life at the same time.

Every shelter has the desire to save dogs and unfortunately, the capabilities aren’t always available. Dog Rescues love to save dogs and also lack the ability to serve both the community and the pups in need. is the middle man if you will but not in that shady traditional sense. As members of the Dog Rescue community and due to our ability to pull dogs in partnership with specific rescues we can scour the available dogs to find the specific breed you love.

We also consult so whether it be for the adoption process on the consumer end or the best practices of a shelter and/or rescue, we are there to help make the decisions that are right for you. Some of the many talents we posses as a team of dog saving match makers is our marketing and Social Media abilities. will create and manage events, market via Social Media, Automated email campaigns, and traditional reputation building to help save more dogs and create happy complete homes.

We also have fun traffic driving ideas

We try our best to make Rescue Dogs shine as bright as they can with marketing that is both clever and endearing. For example, July 16th is National Ice Cream Day and we Jon is helping Denver based Dog Rescue save pups all weekend. This fun quiz was created to get attention while having fun. Why not take a stab at the answers and if you see a pup you like you can certainly contact us for more information.